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“To Rebuild Black Wealth, we MUST Rebuild black fa…” on YouTube

To Rebuild Black Wealth, we MUST Rebuild black fa…:

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Apology to all women (a quote worth knowing)

“I want to apologize to all the women I have called beautiful,

Before I’ve called them intelligent or brave.

I am sorry I made it  sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with, is all you have to be proud of.
When you have broken mountains with your wit, from now on I will say  things like you are resilient, or you are extraordinary, not because I don’t think you’re beautiful

But because I need you to know you are more than that.” – Rupi Kupar

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Stars Do Not Need Spot Light


Fame is the worst drug known to man, its stronger then heroin when you can look in the mirror like HERE I AM – JAYZ

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This Far By Faith (active productive faith)

“If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”
― Harriet Tubman

Everyone’s faith, loyalty,  love and devotion will be tested. In fact the test manifest strengths and weaknesses that we all carry inside. You say you want it, and when you say it the universe will call you on your word. Is your word bonded to what you say you want?

Relationships are very beautiful when first cemented , a new home and the new feeling we get when we enter it is hardly matched, there isn’t a man reading this who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of having those gaze as you ride in your new vehicle.  you never see a man or woman more proud then when they have attained something new.

Are you building yourself for the journey you said you wanted to take? New things become old things, as time reaches us all. Any fool can get a new thing, it’s really nothing to brag about.  Can you stand the test of time, and persevere through hellish moments to proceed through the journey at any and all cost?


I deeply admire distance runners because of the preparation it takes to get the mind and body right to run a protracted distance. You have to start with the belief before you have the ability. The belief is key, what story do you believe about yourself?

Some days distance runners fall short in their preparation and fail to meet their mark. The distance runner sees where he is falling short and takes the steps to meet and overcome all obstacles. Inch by inch anything is a cinch. Its not about the speed, its about the journey. 

The journey seperates the boys from men & the women from the girls. Any time you set out to do something of consequence a test is attached to the thing you set out to do. The bigger the desire, the harder the test , GREATER THE REWARD. Never forget that.

Will You Go The Distance

What is the difference between the relationships that fail and those that suceed?  The difference between the new business owner who fails and the one who succeeds?  The difference between  a new idea that succeeds and one that fails? 

They all set out on a new and exciting journey.  The roads to each journey are similar.  All make mistakes,  and fall short on the road to their freedom. Those that fail and those that succeed both make decisions. One makes a decision using eyesight while the other makes a decision using mindsight. The only difference is one stops and goes back to what he or she was trying to get away from, while the successful man & woman decided to keep going no matter what they are faced with.

Will you make mistakes? Yes, many times, correct them as you go. Will you fall? Yes, get up dust yourself off and keep pushing. Circumstance will reveal you to yourself, some things you will be proud of and other things you get better at….but NEVER STOP AND TURN BACK.

Some people can take the journey as long as the road is smooth and its in the cool of the day, but when the road gets rough and it gets a little hot some turn around. Ask yourself why did you come this far? What’s back there for you? …….

Lets get right and go the distance,  Let’s stand up like our ancestors stood up….we’ve got this far by faith,  an active God backed faith. As the book of James (2:22) says “You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works”.

Life is a struggle and those who don’t want to struggle are dead already.
– Hon. Min. Minister Louis Farrakhan

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.
-Maya Angelou

Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.
– Booker T. Washington

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping
– African Proverb

A difficult journey will make you daring and harden your will.
– Nigerian Proverb


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The Dangers Of Sagging Pants

“Pant’s on the ground, Pants on the ground…Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.”

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Life Lesson: Are you selling yourself cheap?


Don’t have a 10-gallon love capacity trying to get full off a person with a pint love capacity because even if they’re giving everything they’ve got you will never be full you will never be satisfied.

-T.D Jakes

Better beliefs create better habits, better habits produce better actions, better actions produce better situations, doing better things attract better people.

Cheap things are very easy to obtain. There is a McDonald’s on every corner, 3 dollars and some change can get you a meal. You can enter McDonald’s dressed anyway you choose, in fact there is no planning to it, you see it, if you want it you go right to it with no delay. Why? Because the standard is low, its a convenience place. It was designed to be quick and easy, it was designed to be cheap for short term fulfillment. It can offer you quantity at a very low price but quality and standard escapes McDonald’s easily.

Have you ever been to a formal dinner, or a high class restaurant? How do you act? Do you plan what you will wear? You save up  money or you are sure to already have money before you go, am I right? What type of atmosphere are you expecting when you enter this high class establishment? Is it anything goes or do you adjust yourself to the environment if you are not already in line with it?

Step back and ask yourself are you a person of convenience? Can anyone have you? Is anyone allowed to approach you with a cheap offer and get a chance?  Are you selling yourself cheaply? Do you make it easy? I know with pride, we all would like to believe we are holding a high standard but the true question is How are you marketing yourself?


In business the way we market a certain product will attract a certain customer.  Its leaving bait to attract a certain type of fish. Every person on the planet is marketing themselves whether its realized or not. Ask yourself, “who am I attracting and why am I attracting them?”

Everything we do brings a certain type of attention.  Its sad to see individuals get attention cheaply. Cheap attention brings cheap results.  There is no mystery as to why the people you are surrounded by are surrounding you. You’ve attracted them. Cheap attention can fool you into believing you have supreme importance. Are your actions attracting quantity or quality?

Its interesting to see what people will do to get likes on social media. Men & women have literally lost their minds to garner a like. The image we project says alot about us. Are we even questioning ourselves as to why? Is our self esteem that low that we would do anything for a like? If you will do anything to be liked,  what would you do for a dollar or two?

There is no man who wants a woman who is indecently dressed. There is no man who wants a woman who is bent (thirsty) on getting attention from other people. Of course its only natural that a man looks, why? Because as men, we are attracted to you and your physical beauty. Most men will desire you but only as a notch on his belt.  But that won’t keep a man. You may then say, all men want from me is sex, and you will be right.

The question is why? The answer is simple…..YOU’VE HAD A PART IN ATTRACTING THAT TO YOURSELF. When it comes to marrying, men choose intelligence over physical beauty and the “bad bitch link up attitude” that is becoming prevelent today. Elijah Muhammad says ” where there are no decent women there are no decent men because women are the mothers of civilization”.

Men, what are we attracting to ourselves? If we are projecting the image of money, good homes and the celebrity lifestyle women are going to be attracted to that. On social media we show we have the latest clothes & shoes, we are in the clubs with the most expensive liquor and we are throwing money as if we actually had it.

The simple study of what real successful men have  a history of doing and not doing, will show you to be a cheap imitation,  as the good book says “a fool and a money will soon part ways”. This type of man states “all women want from me is money” and that may be true because its all you project to have and be worth. The number one form of wealth is knowledge.

Men are the maintainers of women, we are unable to maintain what we have no knowledge of. Ignorance makes you useless to yourself and others. A simple study of society shows a lot of males have not obtained the knowledge one should have to be crowned a man. But this simple fact does not give anyone else the ability or the material to wear the crown, its a vacated thrown for many men in the meantime.

No time for low standards

Men & women of the world, there is
no time left for these low standards. In order to get satisfaction from our lives, we must demand the best from ourselves. This starts with our thoughts, and transfers to our daily routines and habits. When we expect better, we produce better and attract better quality people to surround ourselves with.

The opposite of success is not failure,  because failure is apart of a every worth while journey.  The opposite of success is conformity.  You will never bring the best of yourself conforming to the ways of others.  Conformity  in and of itself is selling yourself cheaply, for you can never show yourself cheap by bringing the best of yourself.

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Tupac Shakur

Success leaves clues, the greatest clue success leaves us is IT IS NOT YOU. You are a vessel,  an instrument in a band, a tool of the creator or whatever name you refer to universal intelligence as. You must play your role and allow yourself to function for the greater good.

Its stated no better then in the term “BODY OF CHRIST”. How can we be apart of the body and not enjoy the same benefits that the body enjoys? In this body we have a role to play, we must use our talents and skills for the benefit of the whole and to fufill our role. Does not matter what part of the body you are, the same life blood flows through each part.

What are we, when seperated from the universal life force (The source)? We are as a drop of water compared to the ocean. We still contain the life force but how effective can we be disconnected from the source? How effective are you in talking on a phone disconnected from its network? You would find it pretty silly to even try.

In this day and age many give lip service to THE POWER, but the actions of many reflect a limited disconnected thinking. Where there is no life, prosperity,  forward progress, healthy relationships,  proper treatment of one another and the things that keep that booming (etc….) the power is absent from.


This message is not about religion because religions are mere tools to connect us to who we already are. This message is for us to stop feeding into destructive habits that limit our gifts, power, potential and works and give you a clearer vision of where you are placed in the grand scheme of things.

We are losing the game because we are not sure how it is played correctly.  We have been unable to touch the depths of our own power because we are not clear on who we are and what we come from. Will it benefit you any to know you are a diamond in light of you portraying the role of a simple rock? I believe so.

Your work will live beyond you. What legacy are you creating, what history are you leaving behind you? What will history say about you, if it says anything at all?

You are all Gods Children of the Most High God
Psalms 82:6

“The me I see is the me ill be”

If its all about you, it won’t serve you well in the long term
Dr. Donald Grady (The Chief)

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.
-Norman Vincent Peale

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Is Anyone Reading Anymore?



Can a magician fool a man who is in possession of the same knowledge as him? Far too many talented people are taken advantage of and unknowingly robbed blind. Why? Because they lack knowledge although they are full of natural talent.

I know I know,  why should you read? You are a fitness guru,  model, rapper, club promoter, you’re a police officer, a basketball player, a janitor, a store manager etc….right? You have a great job and your boss is taking care of you right?

Lord have mercy if Mike Tyson would have read his contract and understood it before signing it, he would not have been robbed of 30 million dollars. The pages of history are field with talented men & women who went nowhere because they didn’t READ. Yes READING, KNOWLEDGE,  INFORMATION IS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING YOUR GIFTS.


According to the average American watches 5 hours of Television a day, its broken down as follows:

● The average White American  5:02 hours
● The average Black American 7:11 hours
● The average Latino American 4:35 hours
● The average Asian American 3:14 hours

How can we be productive watching this much Television a day? Its not that we do not have the time, we actually are not making proper use of our time suceed.

The wealth and poverty gap is widening and its not because of jobs. The gap is widening because many do not have the proper information to bring their dreams to reality. There is much opportunity that surrounds us but many of us are unable to unlock our potential because we do not hold the right keys.

●67% of wealthy watch one hour or less of TV every day.
●88% of wealthy read 30 minutes a day for business or career purposes vs 2% of the poor. 
●86% of wealthy believe in lifelong educational self improvement vs 5% of poor.

According to economist Nikolai Roussonov & Kerwin Charles blacks and latinos in America spend 30% more of their income on visible goods (clothes, cars etc..) then whites in america although visibly poorer. Research has also found that Blacks & latinos spend 50% less on healthcare and 30% less on education.

What do the statistics show?

If you want to get ahead you must read, you must educate yourself. Statistics have shown us that your competition won’t take the time to read if you will. Statistics have shown us that we are falling behind because we prefer to spend more on the outside of our heads then we spend on the inside.  We consume fashion, we consume entertainment but those who get far in life do not get there by those routes.

The ones who get a little further took the time to qualify themselves through books and learning. The habit of applying what was learned added to their prosperity.

knowledge makes an individual fit to lead, the gift of words paint pictures and opens the mind to knew realities and adventures. The question is how much of our time do we value?

Can we replace the 30 minutes of Judge Mathis, Bad Girls Club, Monday Night Football,  Basketball Wives, any cartoon on Disney Channel with the reading of something that will benefit our lives and open knew doors to us?

Can we divert some of the income we spend on looking good to books and the application of being good? There is a huge difference on looking the part and being able to perform the task the part requires. Are we willing to qualify ourselves to be what we say want to be in life?

How can we unlock any door without the proper keys? Most of us have failed and are stagnant because we chose what appeared to be the easy route over the road that leads to endless blessings.


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Future Doctor Is Graduating…At 14

Parents we can produce greatness in our children if we give them the proper mental diet and teach them the right knowledge