Ignorance is a Choice


The #1 Form of wealth is knowledge.  Knowledge leads us out of the dark days of ignorance to the bright paths of the heavens we seek.

We have become lazy in the most important area that can lead us to what we desire & that is getting into the “know”. Anything you want you can have that’s the way God set this up. But there is a process.

In the Bible God says “MY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”…we aren’t suffering because we were born in poverty although poverty is suffering,  we aren’t suffering because we are black, latino or asian. Our relationships aren’t suffering because we are bad men or women. ..not even because we don’t belong together. ..our suffering is based on our lack of knowledge & our unwillingness to seek it.

Our ignorance has become a comfortable place, but that comfortable place is the cause of our lack of progress in life.

We look to the sky and pray for food, but without the knowledge of how to sow to reap the harvest we will never eat….think it over!

Without full knowledge of who you are, you are limited and easily taken advantage of. Without full knowledge of what you are perusing you are limited in your abilities and easily pimped by an advantageous person who only sees gain in misusing you for your talents and abilities.

Without proper knowledge you will act other then who you are , and you will be unable to grasp the power of who you are. Aesop tells a story of a hawk who grew up as a chicken. The Hawk never understood why he didn’t fit in with the other chickens, they made fun of his wings, they made fun of his beak, they teased him about how big he had gotten.

Some of the chickens recognized the eagles talents and realized the eagle didn’t recognize his own worth and used the eagle for their own desires.

Until one day a NORMAL Eagle flying over the chicken coop observed this eagle hanging with the chickens. The Normal Eagle questioned him as to why he was hanging with those he should of been eating. He asked why he walked every where he went and did not fly. The eagle raised with the chickens was empowered by these questions and asked The Normal Eagle to teach him the knowledge of self because he was unaware of this knowledge.

I share the story so you can see that knowledge is freeing it justifies you and makes you equal to all in existence when properly used.

And ignorance to anything is one of the most dangerous poisons humans have ever seen.


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