To Follow the Crowd

Why is it that, people choose known hells to unknown heavens? Because it’s comfortable! With all that’s going on in the world, now is the best time more than any other time in our lives to do the opposite of what popular thinking is asking of you. Popular thinking historically has been wrong. Why do people choose it? Because there is not much thinking involved, there is no real challenge in it.


A great man once told me “if both of us think a like one of us is unnecessary.” Ask yourself are you necessary? Have you assimilated and denied your God given talents to fit in? To fit in requires the least amount of thinking, it produces minimal results and it gives little in long term satisfaction because you are using small amounts of your individual talents that you were given to bless the world with. Because of this the world suffers.


Simon Newcomb one of the most respected scientists of his day wrote an article in 1903 proving (yes proving) that it was impossible to fly any machine that is heavier than air. This belief was widely accepted at that time. A few weeks later the Wright Brothers first plane took flight. But with the popular thinking being that this was impossible the Wright Brothers were scorned by the educated and mocked as lunatics by the media for nearly 5 years before they were able to break through the tide of popular thinking. We are very lucky that they didn’t give up on their belief and go along with popular thinking. Where would we have been if they had stopped and sided with popular thinking?


Russell Simmons the Co-Founder of Def Jam Records had a vision of making the Hip-Hop Culture a worldwide phenomenon. Simmons was not taken seriously, He was told by many in the music industry that HipHop music was a fad like disco and would be gone before you know it. In the year 2014 HipHop is the biggest and most exploited music forms across the globe.


Scientist say that each of us are blessed with a minimum of four original ideas a year, any of which if followed can progress humanity and make the individual with the idea successful beyond their dreams. But why do so few follow the ideas? Because the heckles from the crowd, the pain of giving birth to the idea is so great that some find it better to fit in. When you do whatever everyone else is doing you get no higher than them. Popular thinking embraces mediocrity.


If you want to succeed, think about what’s best and not what’s popular. The world is in need of innovators of many kinds. The structure of the world is dying out and rightfully so; it’s lived beyond its use. Who will be the new leaders and the visionaries to take the world into its next phase?

“Success is the study of the obvious. Everyone should take Obvious I and Obvious II in school.”
Jim Rohn

“if both of us think a like one of us is unnecessary.”
Chief Donald Grady



  1. Javarus jacobs

    I swear last not I just spoke to my mentees and was explaining to them being different is a means to greatness. Sitting here and reading over your blog makes me happier that I take time out of my day to speak to other. Thinking outside of the box is what people steer away from. I was once told no one can put out a ‘FIRE’ by jumping in it. He/She must stand back and come up with a PLAN then and only then that fire can be put out. Continue these blogs because this is what people need to get a better understanding.

    • Thank you, now more then ever originality needs to be embraced. The melting pot theory is holding us back….

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