I am not a Big Shot, Nor do I pretend to be. I am a man who is very passionate about the road I’m on in life and I want to share my falls, my fails & my triumphs with you.

Very often we see people use social media, music , television or any means they come in contact with to project an image that is not necessarily true. Not to say we should scream how bad life is but to act as though you have arrived and you have not is dangerous. History shows in most cases it leaves you stagnant in life.

I often reflect on shows like ” E True Hollywood story” & ” VH1s Behind The Music” and I observe that the fast lifestyle that appears to be so attractive, that alot of those who come in contact with fame often use is destructive to that individual and their loved ones. I simply refer to this as a cubic zirconia mind set and lifestyle, because it seems attractive and it shines but its very flawed.

What is success really? One of my mentors Yahcolyah Muhammad told me when I was 19 that success is the realization of a worthy idea/goal. He would beat this into my head and he would emphasize the word “WORTHY”. Most of us see success as what’s popular and famous, which means many of us do not see properly at all. I’m sorry to tell you that there are many FAMOUS FAILURES (not the same type of famous failure who failed their way to success, I’m referring to one who has fame but is literally a failure)who lack the knowledge of self and when you lack knowledge of self you are incapable of having a true idea of your purpose in life.

I go on instagram and I see many people with pictures with famous people.  They brag and point it out over and over and the goal of their page is to have the pic with the famous person so they can get attention too. Always be cautious of the “hangers-on” in life. Nothing wrong with a pic with a famous person but there is a problem with being a hanger-on in life. 95% of success is based on your association.  This does not include being a hanger-on or being around the big shots. Association is being apart of the group, making yourself just as important in the group.

Success isn’t a fast process. With anything of true value you can’t skip the steps because like following the recipe to your favorite dish, ALL STEPS ARE IMPORTANT. If you skip a step you will miss a key ingredient to the process. The person who offers a short cut to anything of value is the person you should separate from because there is no short cut to anything of value and they are what we call ” the snake oil sales men.

How could anyone ever be great using short cuts, when mathematics tells us “The shortest path between two points is a straight line”. The right way is always the quickest way.  Stop looking for the hookup in life and go the distance for greatness.

Alot of us are good hearted men & women and we want success, we want greatness,  we want happiness but we just don’t know how. We are following the followers in life. If there is anything you want to do in life research those who did it at the highest levels. And in researching their life you will get a glimpse of the what you possibly will face if you follow them.Leave the snake oil salesman behind. Those who say its easy haven’t done it right and should be left behind. Those who never point out your shortcomings are not genuine, those who only point out your shortcomings and not your progress are not sincere and both should be left behind.

Only history can reward the researcher for his or her research. To be social media famous and tv famous is nothing if you have not gained self importance.  That can only be done by taking a journey within and gaining a proper knowledge of self.

Thank you for reading

Menelek Shah




  1. Tonya

    I am so proud of my cousin. A MAN. A God-fearing man who is turning dreams into existence.

    • Thank you Big Cuz, all praise is to the most high only the mistakes are mine

  2. Rita

    Amen! I know your mom is so proud of you nephew! Keep it up.

    • I hope she is , thank you Aunt Rita

  3. Javarus jacobs

    Shah, this is the best piece yet.. I have always said success is great but it’s none if you cannot be yourself. How can anyone build a foundation with anyone person if they don’t have a self foundation… I enjoy reading your blogs, it helps me see the things I think on is the best way to think. Congrats on this wonderful blog.

  4. big jay

    Good job young buck!

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