Eyesight vs Mindsight

It doesn’t take much in life to be a loser, please understand  the cowards in life are never fully fulfilled. 95% of people prefer taking a path that is safe, they prefer to be comfortable than to be excellent.

Being a loser,  being comfortable with mediocrity and being a coward comes with a heavy price. 20% of people have more heart attacks on Monday morning then any other day of the week. 14% more of people commit suicide on Mondays then any other day of the week. People who were going through the routines of life just trying to get by, people trying to fit in, in a world where they were born to stand out. People who are so distraught they have decided the world is better without them.

Monday’s represent the day that fun is over and the business week is once again in full effect. As the weekend represents happiness, week days for many reminds us of how unhappy we are with life and where we are in life.

Psychologist say that we produce 4 ideas a year, any of which if followed would produce unlimited amounts of trials, triumph and life long happiness.  Its much easier to slide down the mountain then to climb up the mountain. But as Henry Ward Beecher stated “the view is better at the top.

Why is it only 5% of people actually reach their potential?  Its what we call eyesight vs mindsight. Eye sight you use daily, you see what’s in front of you and look at what is and you live life based on the obvious. Eye sight in a world that is constantly changing is limited. To live life based on eye sight is to limit the world you live in, you see what is popular and what is being done and do those things. You look around for guidance instead of looking in.

Everything in life happens twice.  First mentally & eventually physically.  Everything you see of good or bad first came through the mind. The house you live in, the clothes you wear, the car yoy drive and the tv you watch were all ideas at one point and time. Mindsight is seeing these things and bringing them to the physical realm of existence.
How do you see yourself?  Are you worthy?  You are worthy and capable of living the life that produces harmony and peace for your future.  The price of being average is too costly in this day and age. Live what is in you at all cost. If you don’t have a plan someone will have a plan for you and that plan may not be at harmony with your soul.

Your spirit deserves to breathe,  give your ideas form and expression they may be ugly at first but with dedication and cultivation you will produce a master piece with your life. Be loyal to yourself.  We can’t expect you to be loyal to anyone else if you are failing to be loyal to yourself!


Man was not born to make a living……But man was born to live his making……….and when we live our making or living on this earth will take care of itself…….the finer things of life will attract themselves to you……

Menelek Shah @ Refinedimage1688@gmail.com


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