The Test is Mandatory (The Test before the Testimony)


“Do people think that they will be left
alone because they say: “We believe,” and will not be tested. God indeed tested those who were before you”

How in this hell do you think you will get by quiting every time you are tested? Your situation,  your outlook and your troubles will always revisit you until you rise to the occasion.

Why not you?  Who is more worthy to face this challenge that you have called into existence by simply saying you want what you desire. There is always a price to pay,  the greater the desire the greater the price. What would God and his universe be if they set up a law that everything of value would come to you & I cheaply?

Have you ever observed men & women who get things cheaply without paying the price? Sure you have.  80% of lottery winners go broke after winning millions of dollars. “Most ordinary people who come in contact with large sums of money become victims of their own lack of financial savvy or discipline” – Don McNay (other of life lessons from the lottery)

Most of us are waiting for opportunity,  but when opportunity knocks it slips through our hands because we haven’t prepared for the test. Instead of having a testimony of how we got over , we produce complaints of how life hasn’t been fair to us. Here is something you should know…..anything of value won’t just be handed over to you it will be battle to take it. It will be a fight to just get near what you desire.

When you have goals & dreams and you decide to jump on the highway of life, its only right that I tell you there are things coming your way that will test your resolve. Its only right that you know your tires on this highway may get flattened,  the transportation you decided would get you there may end up totaled on this highway. You have to be willing to walk and crawl if you must on this highway. Why? God rewards persistence.

Life wants to know how bad you want it? How will you handle it when you get it? Will you cherish it once you have it? The only way you can answer back is by facing the test, working through the test, learning from the test and applying what the test has taught you.

The great thing about life is its full of examples.  The example of those who succeed and the example of those who failed.  The example of those who did it anyway and those who gave up anyway.  God never leaves you without the answer. But he is always gonna bring the pressure of the test.

Today look at your God ordained challenge and be thankful for it, then stand your ground and conquer it. Decide that you will get to your goal no matter what comes, and if nothing comes throw that goal out and get a worthy one.

Remember on this day as you face obstacles of different kinds, opposition is ordained for you. The test is God’s love for you. The test is your grounds to prove you are worthy.

– Menelek Shah

“If you want to succeed, think about what’s best and not what’s  popular” – Samuel Shaw

Hakunamatata (no worries)  What a wonderful phrase
– The Lion King

God rewards persistence
– Habideen Olaniran (Professional Body Builder)

People who avoid failure and avoid the test avoid success. Don’t Avoid Success
– Jim Rohn

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  1. Rasaan Akbar

    It’s funny you sent this to me because I was just talking to my queen about how through my short period in this body I’ve come to realize that the creator tests me harder than my counterparts but in return I come out with more wisdom and understanding I also notice that the creator only sends the best for me and exactly when I need it so of course I cant expect anything less than to work hard for it have multiple obstacles ahead of me. Preciate this chief!

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