Life Lesson: Are you selling yourself cheap?


Don’t have a 10-gallon love capacity trying to get full off a person with a pint love capacity because even if they’re giving everything they’ve got you will never be full you will never be satisfied.

-T.D Jakes

Better beliefs create better habits, better habits produce better actions, better actions produce better situations, doing better things attract better people.

Cheap things are very easy to obtain. There is a McDonald’s on every corner, 3 dollars and some change can get you a meal. You can enter McDonald’s dressed anyway you choose, in fact there is no planning to it, you see it, if you want it you go right to it with no delay. Why? Because the standard is low, its a convenience place. It was designed to be quick and easy, it was designed to be cheap for short term fulfillment. It can offer you quantity at a very low price but quality and standard escapes McDonald’s easily.

Have you ever been to a formal dinner, or a high class restaurant? How do you act? Do you plan what you will wear? You save up  money or you are sure to already have money before you go, am I right? What type of atmosphere are you expecting when you enter this high class establishment? Is it anything goes or do you adjust yourself to the environment if you are not already in line with it?

Step back and ask yourself are you a person of convenience? Can anyone have you? Is anyone allowed to approach you with a cheap offer and get a chance?  Are you selling yourself cheaply? Do you make it easy? I know with pride, we all would like to believe we are holding a high standard but the true question is How are you marketing yourself?


In business the way we market a certain product will attract a certain customer.  Its leaving bait to attract a certain type of fish. Every person on the planet is marketing themselves whether its realized or not. Ask yourself, “who am I attracting and why am I attracting them?”

Everything we do brings a certain type of attention.  Its sad to see individuals get attention cheaply. Cheap attention brings cheap results.  There is no mystery as to why the people you are surrounded by are surrounding you. You’ve attracted them. Cheap attention can fool you into believing you have supreme importance. Are your actions attracting quantity or quality?

Its interesting to see what people will do to get likes on social media. Men & women have literally lost their minds to garner a like. The image we project says alot about us. Are we even questioning ourselves as to why? Is our self esteem that low that we would do anything for a like? If you will do anything to be liked,  what would you do for a dollar or two?

There is no man who wants a woman who is indecently dressed. There is no man who wants a woman who is bent (thirsty) on getting attention from other people. Of course its only natural that a man looks, why? Because as men, we are attracted to you and your physical beauty. Most men will desire you but only as a notch on his belt.  But that won’t keep a man. You may then say, all men want from me is sex, and you will be right.

The question is why? The answer is simple…..YOU’VE HAD A PART IN ATTRACTING THAT TO YOURSELF. When it comes to marrying, men choose intelligence over physical beauty and the “bad bitch link up attitude” that is becoming prevelent today. Elijah Muhammad says ” where there are no decent women there are no decent men because women are the mothers of civilization”.

Men, what are we attracting to ourselves? If we are projecting the image of money, good homes and the celebrity lifestyle women are going to be attracted to that. On social media we show we have the latest clothes & shoes, we are in the clubs with the most expensive liquor and we are throwing money as if we actually had it.

The simple study of what real successful men have  a history of doing and not doing, will show you to be a cheap imitation,  as the good book says “a fool and a money will soon part ways”. This type of man states “all women want from me is money” and that may be true because its all you project to have and be worth. The number one form of wealth is knowledge.

Men are the maintainers of women, we are unable to maintain what we have no knowledge of. Ignorance makes you useless to yourself and others. A simple study of society shows a lot of males have not obtained the knowledge one should have to be crowned a man. But this simple fact does not give anyone else the ability or the material to wear the crown, its a vacated thrown for many men in the meantime.

No time for low standards

Men & women of the world, there is
no time left for these low standards. In order to get satisfaction from our lives, we must demand the best from ourselves. This starts with our thoughts, and transfers to our daily routines and habits. When we expect better, we produce better and attract better quality people to surround ourselves with.

The opposite of success is not failure,  because failure is apart of a every worth while journey.  The opposite of success is conformity.  You will never bring the best of yourself conforming to the ways of others.  Conformity  in and of itself is selling yourself cheaply, for you can never show yourself cheap by bringing the best of yourself.

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